HMIS Punjab 2023

Today’s technology has made our lives more manageable than in the past. Technology is also making a big difference in the field of health care. In Punjab, India, there is a system called HMIS Punjab (Health Management Information System) which has changed the way of working in healthcare. This was established by the punjab health system corporation (PHSC), it is a unique computer-based program that helps doctors and nurses to take good care of patients.

HMIS Punjab
HMIS Punjab

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Understand the HMIS Punjab

 HMIS Punjab stands for Hospital Information Management System Punjab, which is organised to make better the health care system. This system is used for each small and big hospital in the state so that everyone can get better care.

Benefits of HMIS Punjab

There are many benefits that help the patients in the healthcare centre. some of the benefits are as follows:-

Taking care of patients:-

Thinking of a big library of patient information. This system is just like that library, but it is all on the computer. This keeps the the information of the students such as who is the patient, what they are suffering, which medicine they need, and how they feel. This helps the doctors and nurses to work better for the well-being of the patients.

Make things fats:-

Sometimes, getting an appointment with the doctor or refilling the prescription might take a long time. This system has made it easy and fast. You can book appointments online, refill prescriptions, and even pay your bills online. As a result less waiting and more time for doctors to help you.

Helps to make smart choices:-

Imagine you planning a big party and you know what food to buy, you will look to the guest list to figure out the quantity of the food. It helps healthcare bosses make the right choices and even smart choices. It gives them important information not only about the hospitals but also about how they are doing and what people need for their health. This way, they can plan better for the future.

Keep everything fair:-

The HMIS Punjab keeps everything fair to everyone. Being fair to everyone means treating everyone the same and being honest to everybody. It shares the information with everyone, so people know what’s happening in the health centres which makes them aware to treat the patient well because everyone’s eyes on them and make sure everyone will be treated the best and the same way.

More good things:- 

The system has provided a lot of other things to the patients such as tracking diseases to keep everyone healthy as well as teaching people how to stay healthy, diet charts for the patients etc.

How to use HMIS Punjab 

It is very easy to use HMIS Punjab. The steps are as follows:-

  • Firstly, Go to the official website of HMIS Punjab or click here.
  • Secondly, Create your account
  • Click on the login button.
  • If you are a new applicant, choose Create an account link.
  • Enter your Gmail, name and create a strong password.
  • Click on the Create account button.
  • A mail has been sent to you on your Gmail account.
  • Lastly, Open your mail from your Gmail account and click on the link to activate your account.

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Log in to HMIS Punjab

HMIS Punjab helpline 

If you ever have any help/query/suggestion, then you can free email at [email protected] or you can call at 0172-2232243 &2232245.

The management team of the system is available every time to help and assist you if you have any trouble while making an account.

Why HMIS Punjab is great

The HMIS Punjab makes healthcare in punjab better and convenient for the following reasons.

  • It helps the patient to get better care.
  • It saves time for both the doctors and patients.
  • It helps to make better and smarter decisions for society.
  • It is fair and transparent to everyone.
  • In addition, The most important reason is that it keeps people healthy and provides them with better facilities.

The HMIS Punjab is just like a superhero for the healthcare centres of punjab. This system uses the technology in a way that makes health care easy, convenient and better. If you live in punjab state or visit a health care centre there, don’t forget to check out this portal. this is not just a computer program but works as a helping hand to the doctors and nurses to work hard, better to, make lives healthier.

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