Punjab educare app students corner

The Punjab government has taken a step to enhance the level of punjab education. After the covid 19, they took the initial step to make education digital. Thus they launched a website named Punjab Educare App Students Corner. In this article, we have shared information about Punjab Educare App Students Corner and their benefit to the students.

punjab educare app students corner
Punjab Educare app students corner 

The website is the department where they get a lot of stuff relating to their education. This app/website is very helpful to the students.

Punjab Educare App Students Corner

Students Corner is the department where students get the beneficial material for their education. It includes all books, worksheets, quizzes, solutions, question papers and extra study material. This helps the students to understand and learn their chapter easily and clearly.

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What is the Punjab Educare app students corner website?

The Punjab Educare website is an initiative by the government of the Punjab to make education digital. Through this website, they also launched an application for the same. During the pandemic, the lockdown restricted pandemic period students are unable to attend classes in the school. So, the punjab government took this work at their shoulders by launching this website.

Login to Student corners

To get access to the student’s corner in the Punjab Educare application, one has to follow the following steps:-

  • Firstly, open any browser.
  • Visit the Punjab Educare official website.
  • Log in to it.
  • Select your class/wing.
  • Select the subject you want to study on.
  • Lastly, select the option of the study material you want to study 

Important things about student corner 

The website benefits the students as well as teachers. This website provides all the educational material including textbooks, video lessons, daily assignments and much more. The study material of the class 6th-10th is set very systematically which makes the students to navigate easily on this site. These include subjects such as English, Punjabi, Hindi, mathematics, science and social studies. This is also noticeable that this website/application is updated on a daily basis. Additionally, the app put an end to the worry of losing useful study stuff. The study material is provided daily by the education department of the punjab state. One of the best things about this site is that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Additionally, it is free to use and saves time.


The app/website is an initiative by the education department of the punjab government. This app helps the students by providing them the educational material on a daily basis. The punjab Educare Student Corner is beneficial to students in many ways it helps them to learn and prepare for the examination easily and clearly.

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