NHM Punjab (National Health Mission Punjab) 2023

National Health Mission Punjab is a ray of light for the people of punjab which is started by the Indian government. NHM Punjab mission was established with the main objective of enhancing the overall health and well-being of the people of the state by providing easy access to high-quality healthcare services.

nhm punjab (national health mission punjab)
NHM Punjab

Over the past years, the NHM Punjab has undertaken several programs and services that have been implemented to improve healthcare infrastructure, enhance service quality, reduce maternal and child mortality rates and raise awareness about important health issues.

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Highlights of NHM Punjab

NameNational Health Mission Punjab
Official websitehttps://nhm.punjab.gov.in/
Launched year2005
Launched byThe Government of punjab
Main objectiveTo provide accessible and quality healthcare services to all citizens of Punjab, with a focus on maternal and child health, disease prevention, and strengthening the healthcare system.
Highlights of NHM Punjab

Importance of NHM Punjab

National Health Mission Punjab has many benefits that raise the level of healthcare facilities in punjab. They are:-

Increase the access to health care services:-

NHM Punjab system has made incredible progress in which it has made possible to open several healthcare centres and access them across the punjab state. It has established a wide range of healthcare facilities that are equally important including primary health centres, community health centres, sub-centres and urban health and wellness centres. These centres ensure that health services are easily available even to the remotest corners of the state.

Improving the quality of healthcare services:-

Everywhere quality matters a lot. When it comes to health, it will become very crucial to know what is better for our health. This mission has quality at its core. To enhance the quality of this mission, the mission has implemented initiatives such as the accredited social health activist program and the Janani Suraksha Yojana. These programs not only improve healthcare delivery but also empower communities to actively participate in their health management.

Reduced maternal and child mortality:-

NHM Punjab helps to reduce the maternal and child mortality rate. It has launched some programs such as Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan and Rashtriya Baal Swath Karakoram. These programs focus on antenatal and child health care. After these programs were launched, the ratio of infant mortality to maternal mortality declined in the state of punjab.

Awareness of health issues has increased:-

NHM Punjab knows the importance of awareness to improve health outcomes. Many health awareness campaigns established to aware citizens about health. The National Rural Health Mission is one of the health awareness campaigns that has played an important role in not only awarding the citizens about various health issues, and preventive measures but also telling them the importance of seeking timely medical care.

NHM Punjab benefits

NHM Punjab has a plethora of benefits that help the citizens by providing them with quality services related to healthcare. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Improved access to the healthcare services:-
    • NHM Punjab’s efforts have improved access to healthcare services for the people of punjab. The number of healthcare services has increased which include PHCs, CHCs, and SCs ensuring that medical care is available within reasonable distances from communities.
  • Communicable and non-communicable diseases:-
    • It recognizes the importance of addressing a wide range of diseases. It focuses on the prevention and management of communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS as well as non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Increased quality of health care services:-
    • Quality healthcare is important for better health and for its outcomes. NHM Punjab focuses on this quality. This quality of this mission ensures that patients receive the best possible care, leading to better treatment outcomes and overall satisfaction.
  • Reduced material and child mortality rate:-
    • The NHM Punjab has saved countless lives by its commitment to reducing maternal and child mortality. The continuous decline in the ratio of infant mortality, as well as maternal mortality ratio, shows not only its success in its commitment to protecting maternal but also child health in this program.
  • Universal access:-
    • Their main goal is to achieve universal access to healthcare services that are affordable, equitable and end of high quality. It prioritizes people”s need and aims to make healthcare more responsive and responsive.

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The framework of NHM Punjab

The program funding is divided into six main components;-

NRHM-RCH Flexipool:-

This component focuses on reproductive and child health services in rural areas.

NUHM Flexipool:-

This component emphasizes the health needs of the urban population and aims to provide healthcare services tailored to urban settings.

Flexible pool for communicable diseases:-

Funding is earmarked to effectively deal with communicable diseases.

Flexible pool for non-communicable diseases including injury and trauma:-

This component deals with the burden which is growing of non-communicable diseases and injuries.

Infrastructure maintenance:-

Healthcare ensures the care and maintenance of infrastructure.

Family welfare central sector component:-

This component emphasises family planning and reproductive health services.

Action plan of NHM punjab

NHM is known for its diversity of healthcare needs in different states of India. Therefore, it provides flexibility to states to plan and implement state-specific action plans these plans known as state program implementation plans, outline strategies, activities, budgets and expected health outcomes. state PIPs integrate district or urban health action plans, promoting local-level planning. approval of these resources is synchronized between states and districts.

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Goals of NHM Punjab

NHM has an ambitious goal to improve the healthcare outcomes in India and its states:-

  • Firstly, The reduction rate of maternal mortality rate to 1/1000 lives births
  • Secondly, Reduction of infant mortality rate to 25/1000 live births.
  • Reducing diseases such as communicable and non-communicable, injuries and emerging diseases.
  • Achieving a total fertility rate of 2.1.
  • Prevention and reduction of diseases in women aged 15-49 such as anemia.

Address and contact details

Head Quarter of NHM Punjab

5th Floor, Prayaas Building,

Sector-38B, Chandigarh
Contact numbers:- 0172-4012011    0172-4012012
Email:- [email protected]


The NHM Punjab has a wide range of campaigns that help the citizens of Punjab to enhance the level of their healthcare facilities. It also established many programs that reduce the maternal and child mortality ratio which is the success of its commitment.

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