IHRMS Punjab 2023

The state headquarters officially designed a web portal for the employees of all departments. The IHRMS Punjab web portal was implemented to complete the goal of giving knowledge about electronic platforms. This website is used by employees to request a leave, The Punjab state government has designed this website, which plays a crucial role in managing the government credentials digitally.

IHRMS punjab
IHRMS Punjab

With the assistance of the Manav Sapandha site, it becomes easy to maintain all the service books used by the government offices. In this article, we have shared information about Manav Sapandha’s website and other relevant information regarding IHRMS Punjab


According to the notice issued by the basic education council, the service of applying for leave is now available for the primary and upper-primary school teachers as well as to the headmasters, educational friends and other staff members, who are not involved in teaching. According to the notice given by the administration of the state, all the workers/employees are request to submit their leave of absence through the online system. Through the official website, any employee who wants to request a day-off, he will do this in electronic format by using the online leave application system.

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The personnel of mnrega have been advocating for an increase in the payment and transfer and new recruitment for the workers. by using this digital portal, every individual has sent their payment on time. The attendance of the workers also being documented online on the IHRMS Punjab portal, which encourages discipline.


IHRMS Punjab Details

Name of the portalIHRMS Punjab
Launched year2023
Launched by Human resource support/Punjab officials
full formhuman resource management system
registration processonline
main objective digitalization
The details of IHRMS Punjab

The main objective of IHRMS Punjab

The service of Leaver is one of the survival that this website provides to the users. As a result of the notion of leaving digitally, it makes the leave application easy and convenient. This helps the employees by saving their time and effort which makes it difficult for them in their work.

Benefits of IHRMS Punjab 2023

  • Manav Sampandha portal, which makes it convenient to maintain various records of staff and officers of different departments on a single platform. It is never been easy to maintain government records.
  • This online source has a database that keeps every employee and employee data of the punjab state
  • Apart from this, employees can get more information about this agency by visiting the official website of Manav Samantha.
  • This website is available for every employee who is serving the state.to make this happen, you need to submit your ID and password to your respective sector.
  • With  the help of this portal, users are eligible to submit their leaves of absence for the day of
  • On this site, users can get information about e-services and property returns if they are willing to do the same.
  • The services available on this site contain:- a service book, data entry status, property return, medical bill status etc.
  • If a user wants to get knowledge of integrated human resources, which is available on the dashboard of the site there is no need to go to the office and waste time in the search for this general information.

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IHRMS Punjab login 

To get to log in to the ihmrs punjab portal, you have to follow the following steps:-

  • Firstly, visit the official website of the human resource management system which is 
  • The homepage will open in front of the screen
  • Click on the option login 
  • A new window will appear in front of you.
  • Fill out the required information
  • The form required information such as ihrms code, user ID, and password.
  • After completing the form, fill in the captcha and click on the submit button
  • When you click on the submit button, a new page will start loading on the new window 

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