E-Aushadhi Punjab 2023

Directorate General Medical of the Punjab government uses the software platform DVDMS (Drugs and Vaccine Distribution Management System) to automate its various projects online. The E-Aushadhi Punjab is one of them. These platforms handle the purchases of orders, inventory management, and distribution of various medicines which includes the drug as well as vaccine supply chain management. Apart from these, this platform helps with the management of different kinds of vaccines and other health sectors to supply them with different kinds of disease control programs as well as receipt, issue and quality control.

e-Aushadhi Punjab
E-Aushadhi Punjab

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AUSHADHI Punjab DVDMS’s Benefits

AUSHADHI DVDMS’s benefits make it a strong source of supply of medicines.

This has the following benefits:-

  • Barcode scanning:- All medicines and injections have barcodes, which enable them to monitor real-time stock levels and product speed. 
  • Digital signature:- Because they digitally sign each document, they guarantee their security and authenticity. 
  • Dashboard:- a user-friendly dashboard that provides the up to the minute information about the levels of drug inventory, order purchases and distribution schemes.
  • Reports:- The system generates several reports that can be used to monitor performance, pinpoint areas that need improvement as well and arrive at ‘well-informed decisions.

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E-aushadhi Punjab

E-aushadhi Punjab DVDMS already giving fruitful results. The system helped to reduce the cost of drugs by an average of 15% in the first year. In addition, the average stock-out rate was reduced from 20% to 5% while improving their accessibility.

In the coming times, the Punjab Government aimed to launch E-aushadhi Punjab DVDMS in different states. The system has the potential to completely transform the way medicines are procured and distributed in India while also increasing access to high-quality medicines for millions of patients.

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Registration on E-aushadhi punjab

If you want to register on the E-aushadhi punjab portal, follow the steps given below:-

  • Firstly, visit the official E-aushadhi Punjab website.
  • Secondly, click on the register button in the upper-right corner.
  • Fill your name, email address and mobile number in the given fields.
  • Name:- Fill in your name as your name is written on your government-issued ID.
  • E-mail address:- Enter a valid email address that you have access to.
  • Mobile number:-enter your mobile number without any space and dash.
  • Make one password:- Make your password will be of 8 words long and contain one uppercase, one lowercase and one number. 
    • Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Click on the register button.
  • Verification code:- Lastly, a 6-number verification is sent to your mobile phone, enter that.
    • A verification code sent to your mobile number for verification. 
    • Enter the code in the given field and click on the verify button.

Now you have complete your registration on the official website of E-aushadhi punjab. You can log in and start ordering the medicine you want to buy.

There are some benefits to the registration on E-aushadhi punjab.

  • You can access a wide variety of quality medicines at affordable prices.
  • You can track your medicine order.
  • You can get information about the new upcoming and discounts.
  • You can make payment of your orders through different methods of transaction.

E-AUSHADHI Punjab’s positive views

  • Transparency:- From drug production to distribution, E-aushadhi Punjab DVDMS offers a transparent view of the drug supply chain. It helps in the prevention of corruption and gives a guarantee to the patient to buy quality medicines. 
  • Efficiency: E-aushadhi Punjab DVDMS runs a large part of the distribution and procurement of medicines, and gives staff free time to focus on other priorities. This will result in an increment in effectiveness and improved patient care.
  • Accuracy: The website uses digital signatures and barcode scanning. e-Pharmaceutical Access DVDMS makes it easy for patients to access high-quality medicines. The system allows monitoring of the availability of medicines at different locations and the placement of delivery order requests.

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Indian drug supply chain has progressed a lot due to E-aushadhi Punjab DVDMS. this system has the potential to access with transparency, flexibility, and accuracy quality medicine to the patients. The aim of the E-aushadhi Punjab DVDMS system is to launch in different states of India holds the power to change the system of distribution and contamination of, medicine in India. 

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