10 bad Habits for Students, must know

In the fast-paced, informational world of education, Some students always find themselves struggling with a lot of responsibility. In this article, we have shared the most common 10 bad habits for students every student must know and how these habits impact their lives. Sometimes, students feel neglected by their surroundings and they fall prey to bad habits.

10 bad habits for students
10 bad habits for students

These bad habits affect many things of the student. They affect the academic performance of students, mental health, and future prospects of the students. But there is no need to fear about these bad habits. In this article, we have shared information about their insights, how to identify them and confront and ways to get out of these habits. If you find this information helpful, kindly give your thoughts in the comment section. If you think that this information will help someone from your known circle, share it with them.

10 bad Habits for Students

There are a plethora of bad habits for students that impact their academic as well as physical growth. Some of the most common bad habits are as follows:-


According to the research held in general scientific reports, students who do not wake up or go to bed on time daily, have the possibility to score lower grades in their academic. To prepare for the examination, it is better to study a few hours daily before the exam rather than studying hours one night before the exam. Both the mind and body need the proper rest and sleep to be fit. By cramming, students may lose both good grades as well as good health. It is very crucial to maintain a good habit of sleeping on time as it is to maintain good study habits.

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Research conducted at Stanford University said that when students do multitask, they are less productive than when they focus on finishing one task at a time. They have also found out that those students who always use the electronic method to obtain information could not focus and recall information or move from one thing to another. On the other hand, people who focus on one task at a time recall their information on that particular subject or thing.

Listing to music

It is often said that music heals the soul of a person. This is very true that playing or listening to music can be beneficial when a person performs certain tasks. It helps to motivate individuals and refreshes the body and mind. But it is different in the studies. Research has shown this result that music does not help people learn something new or complex. Music with lyrics in it is hard to take up processing space. This may make it hard for the students to entirely focus on the material they are studying.

Skipping classes is one of 10 bad Habits for Students

Bunking classes regularly have a great bad impact on the student’s studies. If a student does not go to class, then he ends up borrowing notes from his/her classmates. If you skip regular classes then you need to start from scratch to obtain better grades. The best alternative to this can be to get learning from online platforms such as websites, YouTube or Zoom classes. The students can polish their excellent skills without going to class.

Making time-table

Students need to make an outlet for the things they need to do in daily life. In this way, he organised the things and chapters, and it helped to keep them on track. If you’re doing this, you have chances to miss the important chapters or lessons. And that leads to the failure to get the better grades that you want to achieve in the test or examination.

 Using social media is one of 10 bad habits of students

In this technological era,  everyone sticks to their mobile phones. The urge or temptation to continuously check your Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat is increasing with the passing day in every age group in this modern era. Students also have the impact of the social media. Sometimes students carry their mobile phones in their classrooms secretly which is a bad practice for their studies. Using social media during your study hours in school is the worst thing for students.

To overcome this problem, students need to close all the tabs on their computer or web browser. They can also turn off the notifications of all the social media platforms/applications on their phone for being distracted.

No being active in the study

Reading and highlighting the important topics will not be enough for the student to get better scores in their academics. It is noticeable that the students highlight some text or topics in their books/notes which is a good practice but in certain ways. Students only learn those highlighted things, not the whole chapter or topic. This is considered a bad habit out of 10 habits for students. It is important to do some active studying strategies such as reading the whole topic, rephrasing it in your own words, doing research about a particular topic, teaching someone about what you have learned, giving yourself a quiz about the related topics etc. by implementing of these practices, students get better grades in their tests.

Being disorganised

The life of students becomes distressed and disorganized due to monotony many times in their regular life. They forget many things in their routine. With being stuck with so many things to do and think about, being disorganised will only make studying much harder. Students need to keep a notebook/diary where they note down all the important things, important dates, exam dates, assignment deadlines and other study schedule and check or makes changes to it daily according to their routine. They can also download an app for the same purpose.

Choosing a bad Study place is one of the 10 bad habits of students

In today’s time, studying at home is kind of problematic and also can cause students to develop poor study habits. At home, they can study without any kind of posture they want to. There are many distractions in their home such as the sound of their TV, household chores if students have younger siblings or kids in the house, and family members. In this way, students are not able to give their 100% attention to their studies. It is very crucial to find or set up a space that is fully needed for studying. You can get the benefit of that place by easily and conveniently studying at that place.

Studying under pressure is one of the 10 bad habits of students

Some students work well under pressure, but when it comes to studying, procrastination is one of the bad habits on person can have. The large or long portion of study material will give stress or pressure to the students that they can not learn that particular topic. The best way to learn the long topic is by breaking it into small portions and setting a time for each portion. In this way, the students can learn things without getting under any kind of pressure and they can finish their studies on time. This technique helps you with time management.


There are a bunch of bad habits that students have and are struggling with in their lives. We have mentioned the most common and common 10 bad habits of students along with their solutions. Bad habits in student life are like obstacles that come in the way of good grades as well as happiness. But by practising overcoming these obstacles, we can defeat them. We just need to try and focus on what needs to be done to overcome these habits. Parents, friends and school teachers can also help in getting rid of these bad habits.

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